A Mouthful of Truth

The real deal on food and eating

It’s only 48 pages long, but this slim book says a mouthful about food, eating habits and the accountability we must all accept. Part how-to and part choose-to, the book is an eater’s manifesto built around 15 simple and sometimes surprising truths. From “The Potato Isn’t the Problem” to “Fast Food is No Excuse for Fat Food,” A Mouthful of Truth spells out how to eat oneself to lean, healthy body. For anyone who is confused about nutrition – or who knows what to eat but rationalizes poor choices – the book is a heaping helping of reality, with each short chapter giving the reader plenty to chew on. While for some the straightforward truth about food may be hard to swallow, with our nation’s health and healthcare both in crisis, it’s a truth we can’t afford to ignore.

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